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Gutter Repair Services in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, & Delaware

As the #1 gutter cleaning and gutter repair company in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, Gutter Doctor is the name you can trust to get the job done right. From routine cleaning to gutter repairs and installations, we do it all. Keep reading to know when it’s time to book a gutter repair service with us.

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Gutter Repair Services We Offer

1. Fascia Repair & Maintenance

We help homeowners, and business owners repair their fascia boards for years to come, including inspecting, repairing, and securing the fascia and gutters. This service ensures the structural integrity, longevity, and aesthetic appeal of the property’s exterior.

2. Gutter Seams Repair

Our team identifies and addresses issues with the seams in your gutter system, like leaks or damage. By sealing, reinforcing, or replacing damaged seams, this service ensures proper water flow, prevents water damage to the property, and provides homeowners and business owners with functional and effective gutters that can effectively manage rainwater.

3. Renailing Gutters

This service involves securing loose, sagging gutters by driving new nails or screws into the fascia board. It ensures that the gutters are properly attached and stable, preventing potential damage or detachment during heavy rain or winds, and providing homeowners and business owners with a reliable gutter system that effectively directs water away from their property.

4. Restrapping Leaders

Our team will either reinforce or replace the leaders—which are the straps that secure the downspouts—to the exterior walls of your building. This service ensures that the downspouts remain securely attached and allows for proper drainage of rainwater.

5. Replacing Leaking Corners

We will remove and replace the corners of your gutter system that are experiencing leaks or damage. By addressing these underlying issues, our team will prevent water from seeping through and causing potential water damage to your property.

6. Inspecting for Leaks

We will thoroughly examine the entire gutter system to identify and locate any points of leakage or water seepage. By detecting and repairing leaks promptly, we protect your property from costly water damage. This effectively maintains your building’s structural integrity, ensures your gutter system functions properly, and helps you save money.

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Why Choose Gutter Doctor?

Here are the top eight reasons why you should choose Gutter Doctor for your next gutter service.

What Happens if You Avoid Gutter Repairs?

Pest Infestation

Debris buildup, stagnant water, and clogged gutters create an ideal environment for insects, rodents, and other pests to make a home.

Odor Formation

Debris and stagnant water accumulate, promoting the growth of bacteria, mold, and decomposing organic matter that produce unpleasant smells.

Leaks & Floods

Debris buildup, clogs, and damaged gutter sections prevent proper water flow, leading to overflowing water that can seep into the building and cause water backups during heavy rainfall.

Rotting Fascia

Overflowing water and moisture from clogged or damaged gutters can penetrate the fascia board, leading to wood decay, rot, and potential structural damage.

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4 Signs That Your Gutters Need Repair Work

1. Downspout Issues

Downspout issues are a clear indication that your gutters need repairs, as this component is an essential part of the system that’s responsible for directing rainwater away from your home’s foundation. Problems like improper water drainage, sagging or disconnected downspouts, rust or corrosion, water leaks or stains, and erosion or landscape damage near the downspouts all point to underlying issues with the gutters themselves.


Addressing downspout issues promptly is crucial to ensure effective water flow, prevent water damage to your home’s exterior, and maintain the structural integrity of the gutter system for years to come.

2. Gutter Seams Repair

Overflowing water is a clear sign that your gutters need repairs because it indicates that the gutters are not effectively channeling and directing rainwater away from your home. When the gutters become clogged with debris or sustain damage, water accumulates and cannot flow freely through the system. As a result, the water overflows from the gutters, often spilling down the sides of the house or pooling near the foundation. This can lead to various problems—including water damage to the exterior of your home, soil erosion, basement flooding, and potential structural issues.


Repairing the gutters will restore their functionality, prevent further damage, and ensure proper water drainage.

3. Rust Formation

Rust formation necessitates gutter repairs because it indicates deterioration and damage to the gutters. Gutters are often made of metal—like aluminum or steel—which is susceptible to rust and corrosion over time. When rust appears on the gutters, it compromises their structural integrity and effectiveness in channeling water away from the home. Rust can lead to cracks, holes, and even weak spots in the gutters, causing water leaks and improper water drainage.


By addressing the rust and repairing the affected areas, you can prevent further deterioration, maintain the functionality of the gutters, and ensure proper water management to protect your home from potential water damage.

4. Gutters Pulling Away

Gutters pulling away from the fascia require professional repairs because they’re a clear sign of underlying structural issues that can damage the gutter system as a whole. The fascia board is the component that holds the gutters in place along the roofline. If you notice the gutters sagging, detaching, or pulling away from the fascia, it means that the fasteners or brackets securing the gutters are either failing or deteriorating. This can be caused by various factors like age, improper installation, or excessive weight from debris buildup. 


Repairing the gutters and reinforcing the attachment to the fascia is essential in maintaining the functionality and stability of the gutter system over time.

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