Meet The Staff

Typing in Gutter Guards Gutter Installation can help find a local gutter service company, but will it find someone you are comfortable having in your home?

Gutter Doctor has over 30 years of experience cleaning installing and repairing gutters.
Quality workmanship and Quality customer service is our credo.

Quality is demonstrated in every aspect of this company, from the professionalism of the office staff to the professionalism of their crews.

The crews on every job are supervised and will arrive at your home on schedule. Gutter Doctor staff is easily identifiable as they always arrive in a labeled truck. You can be sure that you are being served by Gutter Doctor staff members and not just some subcontractor.

Our work site is your home and we are respectful of that fact. At Gutter Doctor, we train our crews for each specialized job. Gutter Doctor’s crews do the job the right way – our way – a nice, clean, safe way. Before the crew leaves for the day, the site is cleaned up – no debris will be left on ground. No exceptions! No complaints!

Marc Gold, the owner of Gutter Doctor, has over 40 years experience. The Gold family has been providing gutter cleaning, installation and servicing for three generations. Marc is confident the tradition will continue with his sons and grandsons for the 4th and 5th generations.

Gutter Doctor extends the tradition to its staff. Gutter Doctor crew members have an average of 20 years experience in gutter cleaning, gutter installation and gutter servicing.