Our Services

Located in Bucks County, Lehigh Valley and Margate City, NJ. Gutter Doctor services all of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

Whatever your gutter needs, Gutter Doctor brings experience and professionalism to the job seven days a week. Gutter Doctor provides flat rates with no gimmicks.

Gutter Cleaning

Hand remove all debris from gutters; bag and remove from premises. Weather permitting, we flush out all gutters and downspouts.

Gutter Installation

We install seamless gutters — any color.

Gutter Covers

Gutter Protection:
We recommend – Leaf Relief from Alcoa – an aluminum screening sealed solid unit;
only water goes in, leaves blow off.


Full siding services.

Chimney Cap Installation

Prevents rodents, birds, and debris from entering chimney.

Replace Outdoor Bulbs

We can also replace bulbs for various outdoor lighting fixtures.

Can be used on new or existing gutter system

Attaches to the front of the gutter with a neoprene rubber strip against the wall;

Will not damage your shingles or fascia boards

Cannot be seen from the ground; no change to the appearance of your house

About half the cost of other protection product with more effective results

Alcoa Authorized Installer of Leaf Relief System provides warranty not otherwise available